How to pack cookies for shipping

The first time I shipped cookies, I needed to send an order of 40 cookies from Michigan to California. No pressure. So of course, I googled it and read some articles online but they all suggested I wrap each cookie individually in bubble wrap. Say what? I wasn’t about to spend more time packing the cookies than I did making them so I was determined to figure out another way. And like all my best ideas, it came to me at four in the morning while lying in bed.

Since then, I’ve managed to send many dozens of cookies across the country using both USPS and FedEx without a single break. (Knocking on every wooden surface in sight.)

Here’s my safe and secure way to pack and ship fragile decorated cookies that only takes about 10 minutes. 

You Will Need

There is a bit of trial and error involved in figuring out the box sizes. I say sizes plural because you need two. An inner box to contain the cookies and an outer shipping box. I usually ship in USPS Priority Mail boxes so that gives me a starting point for the outer box. Then for the inner box, I either use the next smallest size of USPS box or whatever I have hoarded in my basement from Amazon deliveries. 

On to the packing. First I take my inner box and lay it on its longest side. The bubble wrap I use is a 24″ wide roll so I cut a long strip to fit the width of the box. Don’t worry about the length of the strip too much, I cut about a five foot length at a time but since I’m cutting the strip in half lengthwise (to fit the box), that means I have two five-foot strips.   

Once you have your strips cut, start by laying one end down inside the box and arrange a single layer of cookies on top of it. You generally want the puffy side of bubble wrap FACING the thing you’re trying to protect but since we’re going to fold it accordion-style around each layer, it doesn’t really matter which way you start. 

Next take the long end of bubble wrap that’s hanging out of the box and fold it over your first layer of cookies. I like to drape the rest of the strip over the top of the box while I’m arranging the next layer.

Continue to layer cookies and fold the bubble wrap forward and back.

If you’ve managed to stack all your cookies before you run out of room at the top, you’re pretty much done with packing the inner box. If there is extra space at the top, just fill it with more bubble wrap or whatever packing material you have handy. Here’s an example from a different order I recently shipped.

In the original example, I had layered 36 cookies in 12 rows of three when I reached the top of the box. The cookies fit snugly but weren’t smooshed. The goal is to add enough bubble wrap so there is no movement but you’re not putting pressure on the cookies. At this point, I turned the box onto its bottom side and folded some bubble wrap over the layered cookies. So now when your box is sitting right side up, your cookies are laying on their side rather than stacked on top of one another.

I placed the remaining seven cookies in a single layer on the top, added a couple more layers of bubble wrap over those, and sealed the inner box with packing tape.   

I guess I was so impressed with my packing skills that I didn’t bother to take any more pictures at that point. But basically, you want to create a comfy, padded nest for the inner box inside of the outer shipping box. I try to use those air filled pockets that come in Amazon packages as much as possible for this. Sometimes there’s not enough room for those big pockets so I just use whatever I have. You’re trying to add enough padding so the inner box isn’t moving around. 

And that’s it! A safe and secure way to pack and ship fragile decorated cookies that takes about 10 minutes. The only thing left to do is take your goodies to the post office and say a little prayer when you leave your box on the counter. Oh, and celebrate with a glass of wine. Of course. 

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